Present: Dickmeyer, Knowles, Kopp, Longhurst, Mortell, Thoune, Tollefson, Toribio


Excused: Cravins, Grunwald, Rivera?


Substituting for Sandy, Glenn Knowles called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM.


I.                    No minutes had been provided from the previous meeting.


II.                  Linda Dickmeyer and Heather Mortell updated us on new information regarding the environmental studies minor.  Discussion occurred among committee members, and Linda and Heather are going to meet with Keith Beyer and discuss the information regarding the ES Minor and then formally present a number of recommendations to the APR committee before being sent to Faculty Senate.


III.               Darci Thoune and Mary Tollefson presented their initial findings regarding the 3-year progress report for Physical Education/Teacher Education (PETE).  Discussion took place.  Darci and Mary are going to request more information from the PETE program and send a draft of the 3-year progress report to the APR committee for consideration after March 22.


IV.                Sherwin Toribio and Bryan Kopp presented the initial findings regarding the PT program and that this program seems to be in good shape as they have just finished their 10-year accreditation review. 


V.                  Due to spring break and some members attending conferences, the APR committee decided to reconvene after break.  Of the committee members present, it appears that Monday at 12:05 will work and was suggested rather than Friday at 12:05 PM.  Meeting room and confirmation of date to be sent later.



Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Tollefson