October 23, 2009

Organizational Meeting of CGAAF

Room 327 Graff Main Hall


Attending:  Butterfield, Calmes, W. Khandker, S. Krajewsk, P. Miller, Shanks, Stroud


  1. Election of Chair: Paul Miller (6-0-1)
  2. Election of Secretary: Joyce Shanks (6-0-1)
  3. Discussion of Committee Charge:


·         Review the Supplemental CGAAF Committee Rules and Guidelines for Grievances and Complaints to determine if modifications are necessary. In particular, consider :

o   the addition of a cover sheet with any grievance/complaint petition that indicates the specific parties at which the grievance/complaint is aimed.

o   the feasibility of requirement below when the grievance/complaint petition arrives outside of the normal academic year.


“Within seven calendar days of receipt of the petition, the chairperson shall provide all parties to the grievance with a complete copy of the grievance petition and request a response in writing within seven calendar days.”


Chair Miller will draft a change in wording for the second bullet above.  Thirty days prior to end of semester for receipt of the grievance was suggested. 


Dean Stroud explained the need for a cover sheet.


Chair Miller will convene the CGAAF Committee in mid-November to discuss his draft. 


Adjourned 4:10 P.M.


Sandra Krajewski

Sandra Krajewski, recorder pro tem