Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes for Wednesday, February 17, 2010 


Members present: M. Cary, V. Crank, B. Rusterholz,  R. Jecklin,  F. Liu, C. Tobin, D. Thoune, G. Cravins

Consultant: B. Cerbin

Members absent: S. Dickmeyer


1.      Meeting called to order at 2:15 by chair Cary.

2.      M/S/P approval of minutes of 10/14/09 meeting.

3.      Discussion of corrections to minutes of 10/21/09 meeting; approval postponed pending revision.

4.      Cary and Cerbin discussed workshops for those interested in writing FDC proposals.

5.      Committee discussed four new items of business:

5.1.   Tracking methods for final reports: reports are available as far back as 2002. Committee discussed the advantages of developing a fixed deadline for final reports and what the repots might be used for.   M/S/P motion to make all final reports due by September 1 of the year after the grant period; CATL will send reminders around Aug. 15 and then an overdue notice if the report isn’t submitted.

5.2.   Committee discussed the case of a grant recipient who also received a Faculty Research Grant and was therefore in violation of the policy against receiving summer stipends from both committees. Changing the rule was discussed and postponed. M/S/P motion to suspend the rule in the FDC guidelines which reads, “Individuals who are employed full time in the summer or who have a UWL Faculty Research Grant are not eligible for a summer stipend” for Anita Baines, who was awarded a Teaching Innovations Grant for 2010-2011.

5.3.   Committee discussed clarifying the capital equipment restrictions in the FDC guidelines. Potential solutions were discussed, but a decision was postponed.

5.4.   Committee discussed a new UW System policy requiring that 30% of Faculty/Staff Development allocations from the system be dedicated to ethnic minority initiatives. Committee discussed whether to make the distribution of these funds part of FDC’s responsibilities or to direct the Inclusive Excellence Coordinator in CATL to create a separate proposal and granting process/committee. The committee will vote on this issue at a future meeting. 

6.      Cary  added another meeting to the committee’s current schedule (extra meeting, March 10).

7.      Cary reviewed agenda for next meeting (Feb. 24) which will include review of all proposals.

8.      Meeting adjourned at 3:25.


Respectfully submitted by Virginia Crank