Faculty Development Committee Meeting
Minutes for Wednesday, March 31, 2010 

Members present: M. Cary, V. Crank, ,  R. Jecklin,  C. Tobin, D. Thoune,

Consultant: B. Cerbin

Excused: F. Liu, G. Cravins, B. Rusterholz


1.      Meeting called to order at 2:20 by chair Cary.

2.      M/S/P approval of minutes of 3/10/10 meeting.

3.      Discussion of grant monies for Ethnic and Minority projects; the new guidelines from system mean that the overall total available for Faculty Development grants will be $7,000 less. M/S/P to recommend to the Provost that the money allocated for Ethnic and Minority Initiatives be overseen by the Inclusive Excellence Coordinator in the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

4.      Discussion of single admission deadline for Faculty Development proposals. The advantages of having two dates seem to outweigh the possible advantages of having one. This situation may change if significantly more money is granted in the Fall semester, but so far that hasn’t been a problem. Because no one feels strongly about the need to change, then the application policy will stay the same for now.

5.      Discussion of possible changes to language of application guidelines in order to clarify that the grants are designed to help faculty develop their own expertise in order to enhance programs. An especial concern is that the language of the Professional Development grant guidelines not duplicate that of the Teaching Innovation or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning sections. M/S/P Change language in III to “support instructors to develop expertise or projects that enhance the quality of undergraduate and graduate academics at UWL.”

6.      Discussion of need to define “capital equipment” for our purposes, including discussion of capping entire grant amount, of defining by durability, of funding everything within reason. M/S/P to change language in guidelines to “Applicants may request supplies and expenses up to $3000. Applicants are encouraged to look for additional funding from other sources.”

7.      Meeting adjourned at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted by Virginia Crank