May 25, 2010


To:      Rebecca LeDocq, Chair Faculty Senate

From:  Suzanne Anglehart, Chair Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Re:       2009-2010 Final Report

According to Faculty Senate Bylaw II. B. The Academic Policies and Standards Committee the duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

1.       Formulating and reviewing local policies and standards concerning admissions, advising, retention, advanced standing, probation, dismissal, readmission, the grading system, and graduation honors for undergraduate students.

2.       Ensuring equitable application of standards by the undergraduate schools and colleges.

3.       Supervising the administration of these standards and formulating procedures for hearing student appeals and petitions on academic matters not resolved by administrative offices of the university.

The following is a summary of the activities of the 2009-2010 CAPS in according with these standard committee duties:

·         CAPs reviewed the possible need for a university wide policy on excused absences for students in university-sanctioned activities and for military personnel.  A motion to retain the current absence policy without change was passed unanimously. 

o   The committee believes that the student has the responsibility to communicate directly with the faculty member about absences and to be knowledgeable about the policies on attendance for each of their courses.

o   There was discussion of a need to better educate faculty and staff about the types of student soldiers and their respective responsibilities.


·         A review of the university’s final exam policy resulted in unanimous a modification to include a statement concerning on-line courses.  The committee believes that the policy and the guidelines sent out by the Provost’s office adequately cover traditional courses offered during the semester.  The amended policy statement is shown below with the additional statement in italics.

A final examination will be given in each course within a special examination period except for one-credit courses, which will have exams scheduled at the last regular meeting of the class. The examination periods, dates, and times are included in each semester’s Timetable. Final exams for online courses will be administered by the published end date of the course.  The relative importance assigned to the final examination is determined by the instructor in charge of each course.

·         CAPs discussed the university’s repeat policy and course withdrawal policy  to determine if changes or modifications were warranted.  A motion unanimously passed to recommend to the senate that a change be made in the course repeat policy to disregard class rank when registering for a repeated course and the committee recommends that students registering for a repeated course register for that course at the end of the registration period.

o   The committee recommends that accurate data be compiled to identify how extensive a problem multiple repeats are.   Without such data, the extent of the problem and/or focus of the problem is largely unknown.  Therefore, potential solutions are also uninformed.

o   If the data indicate a significant trend in repeating students closing out seats to students who wish to take the course for the first time, then the committee recommended investigation into the feasibility of having students who are repeating a course registering for that course after the close of the official registration period.  The committee recognized the need for faculty to have the ability to override a student into the course, if warranted, during the regular registration period.


·         CAPS approved start dates for four summer school classes: 

1.      IS 220 to start 5/18/2010 and run for three weeks

2.      SAA graduate program to begin online courses on 5/10/10 and run two consecutive seven-week courses.

3.      ARC 402 to start 6/1/10 and run for 5 weeks

4.      ACC 421 to start June 15, 2009 and run for four weeks


·         CAPS heard appeals concerning readmission to UWL and others appeals:



Type of Appeal

Number of Appeals

Number Approved

Fall 2009





Waiver of GPA in major requirement




Waiver of a course in major requirement




Waiver of 30 credits in residence requirement



Spring 2010





Waiver of off-campus course repeat policy




Late withdrawal request





This summarizes the work of the committee for this year.  If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me.