Date:  June 4, 2010

TO:  UW-L Faculty Senate (Becky LeDocq, Chair)

FROM:  Faculty Development Committee (Melanie Cary, Chair)

RE:  Final Report for the 2009-10 Academic Year




Melanie Cary, Virginia Crank, Georges Cravins, Scott Dickmeyer (fall semester), Liu Feng, Robert Jecklin, Tisha King-Heiden (fall semester), Barbara Rusterholz, Darci Thoune (spring semester), Casey Tobin


CONSULTANT:  Bill Cerbin


SPECIAL THANKS to Bill Cerbin and Sibbie Weathers for their guidance and assistance.  



The Faculty Senate Faculty Development Committee was convened on September 16, 2009, by Cary. The position of chair was filled by Cary and the position of secretary was filled by Crank.  The committee had nine very productive meetings throughout the year.


1.      Much of the committee’s work was focused on the duties and responsibilities laid out in the Faculty Senate Bylaws.


  • Reviewing, screening, and selecting for funding, proposals which are related to improvement of instruction and faculty development.


The total funding available was $40,000. Faculty proposals in the categories of Professional Development (PD), Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and Teaching Innovation (TI) were received. The committee reviewed 15 proposals and selected 12 for funding. See the table below for details on the funded proposals.


  • Establishing written screening and selection procedures, and providing guidelines for program proposals related to improvement of instruction and faculty development.


i)        The committee discussed possible changes to language of application guidelines in order to clarify that the grants are designed to help faculty develop their own expertise in order to enhance programs. An especial concern is that the language of the PD grant guidelines not duplicate that of the TI or SoTL sections. Thus the committee approved the following:

Change the language to the Types of Faculty Development Committee Grants section III (PD grants) sentence one to read “Professional Development Grants support instructors to develop expertise or projects that enhance the quality of undergraduate and graduate academics at UWL.”

ii)      Given the amount of committee discussion given to “capital equipment” over the past few years, the committee discussed the need to define “capital equipment” for our purposes. The committee approved the following:  

Under Funding restrictions, remove the statement that FDC does not fund requests for capital equipment, and change language in guidelines to “Applicants may request supplies and expenses up to $3,000. Applicants are encouraged to look for additional funding from other sources.”  

iii)    There are new guidelines from UW System regarding distribution of grant monies for Ethnic and Minority projects. The Provost requested this committee’s input on how UWL shall oversee these funds. The committee approved the following:

The Faculty Development Committee recommends to the Provost that the money allocated for Ethnic and Minority Initiatives be overseen by the Inclusive Excellence Coordinator in the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning.


2.      The committee also considered the two special charges from Faculty Senate:


  • Consider establishing a tracking method of the various types of grants submitted, funding amounts, and semester applied.


i)        There is already a record of the types of grants, amount awarded, and semester applied. A summary of funded proposals from 2001 to present is available via the Faculty Development Grants webpage. This will continue to be updated annually. See


ii)      Given the current availability of information, Chair Cary checked with Faculty Senate Chair LeDocq as to whether there was something more that the Senate Executive Committee wanted addressed with this charge. One concern from SEC is a lack of follow-up for final reports. Thus, the committee discussed the final report form and process for Faculty Development grants. The committee approved the following:

All final reports for Faculty Development Committee grants will be due by September 1 of the year after the grant period; CATL will send reminders around August 15 and then an overdue notice if the report is not submitted.


  • Consider possibility of having a single grant submission date for spring.


The committee thoroughly and thoughtfully discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a single submission deadline, as opposed to two deadlines (fall and spring),  for Faculty Development proposals. The advantages of having two dates, as is currently the case, seem to outweigh the possible advantages of having one. This situation may change if significantly more money is granted in the fall semester, but so far that has not been a problem. Because there was no strong feeling about the need to change to a single submission date, the process of having two submission dates will stay the same for now.





Summary of FDC grants awarded, 2009-2010






Fall 2009

Computer Professional Training from New Horizons of Wisconsin

W. Doering




Teaching Critical Analysis of Media Reports of Primary Literature through Writing Assignments

A. Davelos-Baines



Learning Module Development for Information Literacy Instruction

G. Chilton &

J. Holman



Using Science Friday® to Enhance CHM 100 Students’ Understanding and Appreciation of Chemistry

S. Grunwald



Spring 2010

Multicultural Children’s Literature for Pre-Service Teachers

Y. Iwai



Advancing the Pedagogy of Performing Arts Organizational Models

L. Kincman



New Digital Photography Workflow, Capture, and Printing Techniques

L. Levinson



Using WeBWORK to Enhance Learning in General Education Mathematics and Statistics Courses

R. Allen,

M. Bingham, &

T. Wendt



Read and Reflect: Making Statistics Real

B. Bennie &

H. Hulett



Pocket Technology for Physical Education Teacher Education

E. Asola &

J. Steffen



Moving Toward Second Language Proficiency Through Interactive Reading

D. Lake



Reaching Dempartmental Teaching Goals in the Dark: Teaching History Through Film

J. Longhurst &

M. Lybeck