Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 17, 2009



Members Present: Angell, Eide, Finch, Hunt, Periyasamy, Newton, Taylor-Winfrey, Zheng,     

                               Passow, Buhrandt, Grant  

Consultants Present:  Dittman, Burkhardt, Bakkum, Keller, Means

Members Absent:  Seebach, excused

Consultants Absent:  Jax, excused absent, Knudson, Agarwal  

Guests:  Peggy Denton  



        1.    Approval of October 20, 2009 minutes.   


M/S/P to approve minutes


       2.  Second readings: none


3.     First Readings:

      A.  Physical Therapy Program-changes to program

PTS 622, change in credits, 3 to 4, (added 2 hours of lab) and Instructional       Pattern

PTS 641, deletion of course, effective Summer 2010

PTS 741, Title change, change in credits, 1 to 2, title change and course          description change, effective Fall 2010



M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposals with amendments  


4.     Consent Agenda: none


5.     Old business:   Joint Online Charge Recommendation-draft from the sub-committee(-UCC

     and GCC) Draft not accepted. Agree no new GCC guidelines are necessary.


6.      New Business: None




Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.