Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 1, 2009



Members Present: Angell, Eide, Finch, Hunt, Periyasamy, Newton, Taylor-Winfrey, Seebach, Zheng,     

                               Passow, Buhrandt   

Consultants Present:  Agarwal, Dittman, Bakkum, Keller, Means

Members Absent:  Grant, excused

Consultants Absent:  Jax, Abhold      

Guests:  Rob Dixon, Steven Senger    


1.     Approval of November 17, 2009 minutes.   

M/S/P to approve minutes


       2.  Second readings: none


3.     First Readings:

            A.   School Psychology

Program requirements changed, (adding PSY 773 as required course, editing changes) effective Fall 2009.

SPY 762, prerequisites, remove concurrent enrollment in SPY 758

SPY 773, New Course, 3 credits, Advanced Counseling & Therapy Methods; effective Spring 2010

SPY 796, course revision, repeatable credit, (no max)

SPY 800, course revision, perquisites, added concurrent PSY 725


M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposals


            B.   Computer Science (all new courses effective Spring 2010)

CS 402/502, New Course, Web Application Development, 3 credits

CS 410/510, New Course, Free and open Source Software Development, 3 credits

CS 456/556, New Course, Secure Software Development, 3 credits


                               M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposals    


4.     Consent Agenda: none


5.     Old business:   None


6.      New Business: None




Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.