Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee


                          325 Main Hall



Meeting convened at 3:35pm, Galbraith presiding


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau,

 Gerald Iguchi, Jean Hindson, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Bob Ragan,

 Don Sloan, Kara Zweig


Guest & Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Bill Cerbin, Bob Hoar,

 Betsy Morgan, Tim Walls


M/S/P, approve minutes of 9/21/09, adding Hindson to attending;

 voice vote, unanimous


Request by Morgan:

 - "shifting categories" of SLOs to match UW System Shared Learning

   Goals, "5 big categories with explanatory comment for each"

 - "nothing particularly magical " about UWl SLOs;

   UWL "part of a larger college atmosphere"

 - M/S/P, align our SLOs to System Shared Learning Goals;

   voice vote, unanimous

 - further discussion by email


Presentation by Hoar

 - assessment co-ordinator may still be hired/in place by

   July 1, 2010; search committee in place; position description

   will be forwarded to GE; not clear whether GEC will have

   member of search comm.

 - need data for response to The Higher Learning Commission,

   about structure & assessment of GE

 - suggestions by GEC members

    1. review/re-organization by SLOs, envisioning GE as a 4-year

      program which "may have gone too far" for faculty,

      requiring a "step bacK"; considerable program review, but

      hardly a matter of doing nothing

    2. approval of aligning SLOs to System

    3. creation of a GE Director

    4. "freshman tier" proposal, while preserving flexibility for


    5. CLA data breaks down into some items directly addressed by GE

    6. GQA & its additional resources

    7. report from GEAC: 48% of courses indicate assessment will

      prompt pedagogic changes



Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm


Notes compiled by Pribek