Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                        November 16, 2009



Meeting convened at 3:34pm, Galbraith presiding


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean

 Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Robert Ragan,

 Don Sloan, Kara Zweig


Guests & Consultants: Carla Burkhardt, Chris Bakkum, Troy Richter


M/S/P/, Minutes of 11/2/09, add "in CBA" to 40% requiring

 remedial math; passed voice vote, unanimous



 - GE website updated to show the 6pt-category breakdown

 - Need a charge for GEAC for next year

 - Applications arriving for Assessment Co-ordinator position


Discussion of Senate Charge: Tiering Speech, English, & Math

 - Minimal dept. response/opposition after original discussion,

   about a year ago

 - Institutional Research suggests most people are doing it now

 - Registrar says note could be placed on Advising Report,

   as "advisory" not requirement

 - Transfer students might not conform: make it "within first

   30 credits in residence"?

 - Enforcement: Require advising or restrict registration?

   Email warning to affected students?

 - Wait a year to see amount of noncompliance before

   considering enforcement mechanism?

 - Available sections?  Speech & English use single course;

   Math uses several according to placement & would have to

   re-assign instructors to add sections

 - Requiring only soph/fresh registration, parallel of

   allowing only junior/senior status in some courses? (feasible?)

 - GE chair will consult specifically with chairs of the three


 - Get data f/IR about current students not complying

 - Bump up to 60 credits for "completing"

   (AP credits might compel all three classes in single semester)



Meeting adjourned at 4:36!


Notes compiled by Pribek