Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                        November 30, 2009



Meeting convened at 3:31pm, Galbraith presiding


Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean

 Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Robert Ragan,

 Don Sloan, Kara Zweig


Guests & Consultants: Carla Burkhardt, Chris Bakkum, Amelia

 Dittman, Troy Richter


M/S/P/, Minutes of 11/16/09 as written , voice vote, unanimous



Report f/GE chair:

 - chairs of English, Math, Speech consulted about proposed

   GE course completion within first 60 credits: Math approves;

   English & Speech will put on dept. agenda

 - chairs were informed that LX forms will require "painless"


 - data for % students not completing Math requirement in two

   years still unavailable


Further discussion & issues

 - informing students, over-burdening depts., enforcement and/or

   penalty, students changing majors and/or transfers already

   beyond 60 credits; maybe 30 credits for Speech & English but

   60 for Math

 - consensus on following:

    1. Advising Report can have a separate entry for requirement

     (Chris will be consulted for "catalog language"; email will be

     circulated for GEC editing before submitting to FS

    2. Point of emphasis at Freshman advising

    3. Query in a year % not meeting requirement, for whether

     information/advising is working w/out penalty or restriction

     on courses

    4. Start With Fall 2010


M/S/P, to require completion of CST 110, ENG 110 and a GE Math

 course by time 60 credits are completed; voice vote, unanimous


Initial Assessment Report f/GEAC

  - How often will ass. be done? More sampling in future?

  - GE desire using different/additional SLO in future?

    (most dept.s use only 7 SLOs)

  - Will assessment suggest revising/eliminating any SLOs?

  - Anything in here to refer to vice chancellor for her need to

    show activity/vitality in GE for outside reporting?

    (create a list of "bullet points" next meeting)


Meeting adjourned at 4:44pm


Notes compiled by Pribek