Meeting of the Faculty Senate

                   General Education Committee

                          325 Main Hall

                        February 1, 2010



Meeting convened at 3:35pm, Galbraith presiding



Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean

 Hindson, Gerald Iguchi, James Pierce, Tom Pribek, Robert Ragan,

 Don Sloan


Note: Kara Z., student rep., has resigned to finish studies &

 graduate this Spring


Guests & Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Amelia Dittman, Bob Hoar,

 Tim Walls, Kathy Eirschele


M/S/P, minutes of 12/7/09; voice vote, unanimous



 - FS approved "tiering" recommendation

 - inquiry about waiving 1 GE credit for transfer student

  graduating this Spring: course substitution form?  Take another

  class? (most common practices)



Demo electronic (website) versions of LX forms

 - only for new forms, including course revisions

 - all forms should submit to Records & Reg. first, not GE

 - dept.s will email the "official" document to R&R;

  only the signature form will be hardcopy

 - needs software to enter data, but not to read; cut & paste

  into fields is possible (could send complete entries to R&R ADA

  rather than buy individual software licenses)

 - entries for Learning Objectives in drop-down list

 - does Provost/VC want to sign form?

 - links on form to appropriate GE information/directions

 - dept. chairs have been briefed & demoed


Don S. requested the food be passed around


Assessment plans going forward:

 - student performance breakdown for courses/SLOs;

 - what does it mean to "be done"? to decide acceptable level?

 - grant money (given-back last year to budget cuts) re-available?

   announce in March, perhaps ask for tool for different SLO?

   ask for feedback from instructors indicating change in pedagogy? 

   Develop tool for underrepresented SLOs"?

 - no formal idea/discussion of how Ass. Co-ordinator will fit

   into GE; we should make request, probably will be advisory;

   we don't want outside entity to assess GE program instead of us

 - get comparative data f/other universities

 - primary comparison is our own tests over years & possible

   variations in results



Meeting adjourned by 5pm,

Notes compiled by Tom P.