Friday, March 12, 2010 -10:00 a.m.

325 Graff Main Hall

Members present:  Glenn Wright, Carol Angel, Kasi Periyasamy, Abdul Elfessi, Michelle Stertz, Bernadette Taylor, Tom Krueger

Consultants present: Bruce May

Members excused:  V.J. Agarwal, Gary Gilmore, Rob Dixon, Jim Finch

Tom Krueger called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

1.         M/S/P (7-0-0) to approve the minutes from March 12, 2010 with corrections.

2.         Graduate Student Professional Travel Grants

M/S/P (7-0-0) to fund graduate student professional travel grants as recommended by the travel grant subcommittee.

3.  Graduate Student RSEL Grants

M/S/P (7-0-0) to approve full funding for all grants recommended for full funding by the RSEL grant subcommittee.

M/S/P (7-0-0) to approved partial funding for those grants recommended for partial funding by the RSEL grant subcommittee.

M/S/P (7-0-0) to not approve grant by XXXX.

M/S/P (7-0-0) to not approve grant by XXXX.

Another round of RSEL grant proposals will be accepted because funds are still available.  The next due date will be April 21.

4.      Reporting of ESL Proficiency

The faculty senate has approved the changes to ESL admission policy recommended by the Graduate Council 

M/S/P (7-0-0) to require graduate program directors to report annually to the Office of Graduate Studies on the progress of students admitted to their graduate program with ESL scores below specified minimum scores required for admission.  It was agreed that the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (V.J. Agarwal) create a report form and send this to program directors.

5.   M/S/P (7-0-0) to go into closed session to consider a student appeal as provided in sections 19.85 (1) (f) of Wisconsin.

M/S/P (7-0-0) to accept CBA student appeal for a time extension to complete their graduate program.

The meeting went back into open session.

Meeting adjourned 11:00

Respectfully submitted,

Bernadette Taylor