October 19, 2009, Updated
International Education Committee

Special Meeting at the International Scholars Residence, 2319 Madison Street, La Crosse

Commenced at 2:45pm

Members and Guests Present:

Sheri Ross, Chair

John Greany

Gaelle Talhouarne

Robert Hetzel

Gary Gilmore

Patricia Ardovino

Barbara Rusterholz

Jay Lokken

David Anderson

Ruthann Benson

Cynthia Scarpa

Jason Kouba

Sarah Mattson

Eric Kraemer

Walter Elder


1.        Announcement of next meeting:  October 26, 2:15-3:15pm, 326 Cartwright.  Will review the University of Granada tour request by Don Socha, and a revised proposal from Darlene Lake.

2.       Preliminary commentary was provided by Bob Hetzel and Jay Lokken regarding the international graduate student housing available through the Gerrard Corporation and the Addis Group, located at 3rd and Main Streets, West Avenue and Main Streets, in La Crosse.  This was considered to be an important form of support for the students with affordable cost and reasonable living space.   These units have a 1-year renewable lease arrangement with UW-La Crosse.

3.       The future of the International Scholar and Amity Scholar residences on Madison Street is still being explored.  Since a quit claim deed arrangement was made with UW-La Crosse for the houses, most likely, the sale of the houses would lead to the purchase fees going to the Department of Administration through a lapse arrangement.

4.       In the future, locating residence facilities for the International Scholars, Amity Scholars, other international students, and possibly even American graduate students, potentially could be tied in with the type of arrangement being developed by Gerrard, the Addis Group, in addition to options at Reuter Hall.  Additionally, the East-West corridor from the Health Science Center region could become a future area for graduate housing development.   

5.       Discussion took place regarding the need for future budgetary support for the Amity Scholars program and housing for the scholars (rent-free at this time).  Current funding support is derived from salary savings.  It was determined that the appropriate administrators and involved faculty will need to meet to deliberate the source of the support resources.

6.       A future consideration was raised regarding non-traditional students (e.g., veterans) returning for additional education, and the special needs they may have.


The meeting adjourned at 3:50pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Gary D. Gilmore