Minutes of the International Education Committee Meeting

November 9, 2009, 2:15 – 3:30 pm, 326 Cartwright



Dave Anderson, Walter Elder, John Greany, Sheri Ross, Joan Temple, Futaba Okamota, Gaelle Talhouarne (student), Sara Mattson (student).


Consultants to Committee:  Jay Lokken (Representative OIE), Sandy Sieber (Representative from OIE). 


Meeting was called to order 2:15 pm. 


  1. Approval of minutes

Motion:  approve 10-19-2009 minutes M/S/P (8/0/0)


  1. Finalize wording for Undergraduate Research Proposal recommendations & for Faculty Study Tour assessment forms
    1. Post Trip Assessment

                                                              i.      Revised wording (see Appendix A) M/S/P (8/0/0)


    1. Undergraduate Research Proposal

                                                              i.      Discussed process of making recommendations for change

                                                            ii.      Development of statement to be part of Undergraduate Research Proposal. 

1.      “If student research is to occur on a faculty led study tour or faculty led international program, signatures of the faculty/staff leading the tour are required for proposal submissions.”

2.      The following statement will be located on the application/cover sheet with a check box. 

3.      Approved the statement above - M/S/P (8/0/0)


  1. Discuss recommendations for identify how Digital Measures might reflect faculty led study tours. 
    1. Tabled discussion until meeting. 
    2. Sherri will speak with Bob Hoar regarding this issue and summarize her meeting with the committee. 

  2. Discuss wine/cheese recruitment of faculty for faculty led study tours
    1. Department of OIE has obtained funding for cheese and crackers.  Continuing to seek funding for the wine.  Suggested to hold the recruitment during the 2nd - 4th week of the semester as an option.  OIE will provide a presentation on the process of developing a program. 

  3. New Business:  discussion at the end of the meeting about the upcoming student referendum on the academic initiative funds.

  4. December 7th meeting cancelled will reconvene in spring semester. 




Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm




Respectfully submitted:  J Greany


Appendix A


Revised Post Trip Assessment:



Post Trip Assessment

A post-trip assessment report is required and is to be submitted to the Office of International Education the semester following the tour or earlier.  The director of the trip abroad should also report in person to the International Education Committee.  This section of the proposal should include the date by which the report will be submitted, as well as an overview/outline of the planned report.  The format of this section is open, but it should demonstrate that the report will provide appropriate commentary while addressing the following issues:


a.   A brief description of the program (for example, to which UW-L course(s) the program is applicable, the program goals, the sites of the program and the dates of the program).


b.   the number of participants on trip (faculty + students+ others)


c.   Changes in the actual implementation of the program from what was proposed (for example, changes in personnel, changes in itinerary, changes in sites visited and changes in activities), and the impact of these changes.


d.   Any logistical problem or other problems encountered during the implementation.


e.   The degree to which actual revenues and expenses matched the budgeted values (please consult OIE for this information.)


f.    The degree to which the curricular goals and objectives were achieved please include any post-trip assessment measures.


g.   Recommendations for a subsequent program, and/or how would you do things differently.


h.   A copy of the post trip assessment will be filed with the office of international education.