International Education Committee meeting


1:10p.m., 326 Cartwright Center


Present: Sandy Sieber (OIE), Eric Kraemer (ISP), Futabo Okamoto, Gary Gilmore, David Anderson, Sheri Ross, Deborah Buffton, Tim McAndrews (Guest)


1.  Tim McAndrews reported on the Archaeology Fieldschool trip held in May/June 2009.  M/S/P to accept this report.


2.  Gary Gilmore reported on the Canadian Health Promotion/Health Care Study Tour held in March 2009.  M/S/P/ to accept this report.


3.  Sheri Ross reported on the Study/Service Learning trip to Tanzania held in January 2009.  M/P/S to accept this report.


4.  Sheri reported that the IEC will focus on By-law number 5 this year, which involves receiving and reviewing the post-trip assessment for all study abroad trips.


5.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 3 at 1:10 in room 326 Cartwright Center.  We will hear a report from Scott Stein on his study program to India and a proposal from David Anderson.  There may also be an update on the issue of international student and scholar housing from Barbara Rusterholz.


Meeting adjourned, 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Buffton