MINUTES of the Meeting of Tuesday, October 13, 2009


PRESENT: William Ross, Anita Evans, Matt Foltz, Tim Gerber (chair), Sandra Koster, John Jax, Andy Schauer, Steve McDougal


Called to Order at 12:06 PM in Murphy Library Room 120.


Approval of Minutes:

            M-S-C: To approve the minutes of Sept. 22, 2009 with two spelling corrections –

                        (a) Item 3(b), second line, “sites”

                        (b) Item 4, fourth line, “meeting”


Differential Tuition Proposal:

            The proposal is due to the Academic Initiatives Oversight Committee (AIOC) on Fri., Oct. 16. A presentation to the AIOC is scheduled for Tue., Oct. 21, around 4:25pm in Cartwright Room 342. Tim and Anita will attend. Others are welcome.

            The request is for $180,000 per year for the next five years, primarily to expand service hours (from the results of the LibQual survey) and to expand access to on-line resources. It mirrors last year’s AICO approvals of these things for $170,000, which were never approved by the Regents.

            The proposal was reviewed, with Anita noting where updated statistics will be inserted. Several topics were discussed for addition:

(1)   How library costs are going up as well;

(2)   How library periodical holdings influence program accreditation, such as in CBA and Chemistry;

(3)   Add statistics on JSTOR I to IV usage in support of adding JSTOR V and VI;

(4)   How less access to on-line database increases the costs of document delivery;

(5)   Information on the demand for full-text, especially where access is limited to abstracts;

(6)   Make clearer how this proposals both maintains and expands on-line access;

(7)   How new programs – especially health-related programs – relate to increased demand for access to specialized databases, such as the JAMA database;

(8)   Explain how access and license fees are tied to enrollment, and thus how GQ&A enrollment increases create extra costs;

(9)   Suggested presenting statistics on library use during the current expanded hours as documentation of student need, offering the same as assessment mechanism;

(10)    Emphasize that this allocation will restore staff cuts made earlier (see p.1 of the proposal); and

(11)    On p.4, restate the expanded hours currently in place.

Tim and Anita will revise the proposal for the Friday deadline.


Adjourned at 1:00 PM.


NEXT MEETING: Monday, November 9, 2009, Murphy 120, 12:00 to 1:00 pm


Submitted by

Steve McDougal, Sec.