University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


MINUTES of the meeting of Friday, March 5, 2010


PRESENT: Tim Gerber (chair), Matt Foltz, Dena Huisman, Don Kuderer, Anita Evans, Sandra Koster, William Ross, John Jax, Andy Schauer, Barb Bennie


1.      The meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM in Murphy Library Room 120.


2.      Minutes from Feb 12 meeting were discussed, amended and approved as amended (8/0/0)


3.      Discussed the use of differential tuition money for funding e-resources


The fall 2009 proposal submitted to AIOC included $125,000 budget for access to online content.  (No official letter has yet been received from AIOC stating the amount that has been approved for e-journals, databases, etc.)


Reviewed a non-definitive list of example resources that are needed and may be purchased using the differential tuition funding. 

o   The total first year cost for purchasing the entire list of items greatly exceeds expected budget – need to do some prioritizing and gradually add content each year (spread up-front costs over a few years rather than all at once).

o   Buy a mix of one-time fee purchases and leased content (perpetual ownership versus annually licensed content).

o   Beyond the list of example resources to be added, may need to use differential money to sustain some existing databases (e.g. Criminal Justice Periodical Index).


Action plan – develop a five year plan with appropriate prioritization for acquiring the needed e-resources. 

o   Timetable for acquiring titles. 

o   Total cost per year within the allotted budget.

o   Use statistics for each journal.

o   Cost for each journal (up-front and/or annual).

o   Send any suggestions to John Jax for inclusion in implementation plan.

o   Product demos or trials possibly available if interested.

o   Looking for resources with broad impact at undergraduate and master’s level.


Noted that feedback on usage will be needed for reapplying to AIOC in fall 2010


4.      Meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm.


Next meeting Friday, April 9 at 2:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Bennie