MINUTES of the meeting of Friday, May 7, 2010


PRESENT: Steve McDougal, Anita Evans, Matt Foltz, Tim Gerber (chair), Don Kuderer, Sandra Koster, William Ross, John Jax, Missy Ruplinger, Andy Schauer

ALSO: Michele Strange, Murphy Library




MINUTES of the meeting of April 9, 2010 were approved with the following corrections:

1.      First paragraph, last line – “which” amended to “with”;

2.      Second paragraph, first line – “fees” amended to “FTEs”


Follow Up on Tuition Differential Budget for E-Purchases


John distributed a revised budget proposal (see last meeting), which was discussed. A secondary list was added, including “Films on Demand”, a yearly license for unlimited viewing of a vast number of films, mostly Humanities and Social Science topics. It is pricy, but the streaming capabilities are substantial. From the same firm that does “Films for Humanities,” etc. Also added was “ARTstor,” an extensive image storage archive mostly of visual art. Also, Westlaw was considered for addition, citing the needs of the Business Law courses in CBA, especially in the second year.


Efforts will be made next year to publicize the new e-acquisitions to students and faculty, a revised A-Z Database listing perhaps distributed by e-mail. The Murphy Newsletter, certainly.

The new e-acquisitions need to be “branded” clearly as the consequence of the students’ decisions on differential tuition.


John will send along a final budget, adding explanations of the new services for general information and publicity.


Consideration of Murphy Library Hours


A proposal was distributed that would add eleven hours to the regular schedule each week beginning in Fall 2010. Data for the choices came from the 2008 LibQUAL Survey, a BUS 230 research project and comparison with UW System comprehensive campuses. An LTE person will be hired for next academic year. There were some extended hours this semester, and the patron count confirmed increased usage as a result.


Publicity will be needed. The idea of buttons and/or t-shirts “Ask Me About Murphy’s Expanded Hours” was discussed.


Hours during Finals Week were discussed. We will investigate whether 24 hours operation during Finals Week is feasible with the new LTE person.


It was agreed to start with the proposed hours and see how they work.

Next Year


Following up on the differential tuition spending,

Spreading the word on hours and e-resources,

Clearly “branding” the improvement as paid for by student fees.


Other Matters


E-Librarian Position: John reported that a job offer is in the process of being made.

Book Sale: Went very well.


Anita and Tim offered their thanks to all who have been of the Committee’s activities this year.




Respectfully submitted,

Steve McDougal, secretary