Minutes of the Promotion, Tenure, and Salary Committee

February 8, 2010

1:10 P.M. in room 432 Wimberly


Present:  Achenreiner, Cashion, Cooper, Delgado, S. Krajewski, Mc Andrews, Miskowski, Rajagopal


  1. Minutes of November 30, 2009 meeting were approved.  MSP 8-0-0.


  1. Discussion ensued regarding the committee’s responsibility to closely monitor UW-L’s distribution of the Recruitment and Retention Fund in light of the comparative data that Cooper and Achenreiner compiled regarding UW-L faculty salaries as compared to national salaries at accredited comprehensive universities comparable to UW-L by rank (new hires, Assistant, Associate, Professor), college (CLS, SAH, CBA), and department/discipline. The committee discussed the data and it was recommended that the committee produce a report summarizing our discussions and findings (McAndrews will prepare a draft and distribute for comment).

3.      Adjourned 2:05 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,

Tim McAndrews, Recorder of the day