Promotion, Tenure and Salary

Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, September 14, 2009

Place: 432 Wimberly Hall

Time: 1:10 PM


Present: Achenreiner, Cashion, Cooper, Delgado, Krajewski, McAndrews, Miskowski, Rajagopal

Absent: Olson


1.      M/S/P (7-0-1) Enilda Delgado will chair the PTS committee for 2009-2010

2.      M/S/P (7-1-0) Recorder will rotate in alphabetical order. Minutes will be submitted by Enilda Delgado to Sibbie Weathers for posting.

3.      Approval of 4/23/09 minutes – will be reviewed at the next meeting


4.      The committee discussed the charges. Assignments regarding clarification of each charge and related background information was delegated to committee members as follows:


a.       Tim McAndrews will communicate with the Faculty Senate Chair regarding the intent of the charge.

Review how the nepotism policy (as stated in section B-2 of the UW-L Handbook) impacts departmental voting and other administrative review procedures in light of the UW-L Spousal/Partner Hiring Policies and Procedures.  Make any appropriate recommendations to Senate.  Report due to faculty senate by the November 12, 2009 meeting.


b.      Scott Cooper will communicate with the Provost’s Office to request data specific to the use of Recruitment and Retention Funds in 2008-2009.

Continue to closely monitor the use of Recruitment and Retention Funds.  Report due to faculty senate by the November 12, 2009 meeting.


c.       Gwen Achenreiner will draft a statement for the committee to review regarding the impact of furloughs on retention, promotion and tenure.

Closely monitor UW-L’s implementation of the UW-System Furlough Policy and make any recommendations concerning needed changes. Consider the question of whether expectations for retention, promotion and tenure need to be adjusted to reflect lost time. Report due to faculty senate by the December 3, 2009 meeting.


d.      Jennifer Miskowski will report back on any issues the committee should be aware of regarding collective bargaining.

Monitor any issues that may arise related to collective bargaining as the year progresses.


5.      The committee discussed the proposed recommendations regarding a definition of SOE faculty and the SOE Director’s role in the hiring and review of SOE faculty being submitted to the Provost and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Before voting on this issue, Matt Cashion will provide contextual information on the need/rationale for the proposed recommendations.  


6.      Next meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2009 in CWH 432 at 1:10 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Gwen Achenreiner