Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                      October 13, 2009



Members Present: Berlin, Johnson, Kastantin, Ahmed, Socha, Seebach, Fisher, Friesen, Kirsch, Moore

Consultants Present: Keller, Dittman, Bakkum, Knudson

Members absent: Verhoeven

Consultants not present: Jax

Guests: Krajewski, Vandenberg-Daves, Eide, Khandker, Udderman, Koepke  


      Approval of September 22, 2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


Second readings: None


            First Readings:



A.   Accountancy Minor

(College of Business Administration) –Moving ACC 322 from a required course in minor to an elective in minor.


B.   WGS/HED 201, new course, 1 credit, Social Justice and Peer Education, Effective Fall 2009

This course both educates students on social justice issues that students face while in college and prepares them to be able to give presentations to their peers in residence halls, classrooms, athletic teams, and student organizations on the issues with the goal of effecting social change. Subject matter will rotate depending on needs of campus and students. Prerequisites: WGS 100, or ERS 100 or EFN 205 or WS 230 or WS 210, CST 110 recommended. Offered Fall and Spring.


C.   BUS 230, course revision, prerequisite, (dropping CS 103/104)

(First reading postponed until next meeting)


ECO 305, course revision, prerequisites, ECO 110,120, and MTH 175 or 207

Also, course offered box on LX138 corrected to match existing catalog description.

             Offered Fall and Spring.



ECO 308, course revision, prerequisites: added MTH 175 or 207


ECO 315, new course, 3 credits, Economics of Sustainability, effective Spring 2010

Introduction to the tools and models of ecological economics in order to better understand the relationship between ecological and economic systems; to explore the linkages between economic growth, environmental degradation, and social and intergenerational equity; and to analyze policies that will lead to a world that is ecologically sustainable. Prerequisites: ECO 110 or ECO 120, offered Spring only.


M/S/P to approve proposals



Old business:  LX Forms revised- discussed Mode, for purposes of the LX form “mode” means “instructional pattern”. Change suggestions should be sent to Chris Bakkum. Brian Udderman discussed online courses handbook/guidelines.


New business: none



Meeting adjourned: 5:05 p.m.