Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                      November 10, 2009



Members Present: Berlin, Johnson, Ahmed, Seebach, Friesen, Kirsch, Kedrowsk, Wermedal, Socha, Fisher, Kastantin

Consultants Present: Keller, Dittman, Bakkum, Burkhardt, Knudson, Means

Members absent: Moore (exc.)

Consultants not present: Jax, Herling

Guests: Shane Van Dalsem, Gregory Chu, George Cravins, Kim Vogt, Bruce Riley, Tom Gendreau, Kuang Wei Wen, Hua Dai, Kyung Hoon Yang, Barbara Eide, T.J. Brooks, Deb Hoskins, Steven Senger, Kenny Hunt, Bill Colclough  



      Approval of October 27, 2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


Second readings:  


A.   IS 220, change course description, prerequisites changes, drop CS 103 and 104, course credit change from 3 to 4, Effective Fall 2010.

 Hold for third reading.


B.   CBA-Business core changes, removing CS 103 and 104 as requirements –retroactive to all catalogs, effective Spring 2010, on CBA core. 

Hold for third reading.


C.   BUS 230, prerequisites, remove CS 103 and 104, retroactive to all catalogs,  Effective Spring 2010.

M/S/P approve on second reading.


D.   ANT 230, New Course, 3 credits, Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia, Effective Spring 2010

This course offers a contemporary look at the peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia by exploring the impact of imperialism, colonialism, war, and globalization on the region; and by surveying the cultural, historical and political connections between its people and the rest of the world. Prerequisites: ANT 101 or SOC 110 or Soc 120 OR SOC/ANT 202.

M/S/P approve on second reading.


First readings:

A.  SOC/ARC 399, title change, SOC/ARC/ANT Forum

      M/S/P approve on first reading.


B.    University Honors Program deletion and Honors course deletions:

HON 100, HON 160, HON 201, HON 202, HON 203, HON 204, HON 205,   HON 206, HON 207, HON 220, HON 290, HON 295, HON 351, HON 395, HON 399, HON 490  

      M/S/P approve on first reading.




Consent agenda: None


Information items: None


Old business:  None


New business: None




Meeting adjourned: 4:30 p.m.