(Draft) Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

                                                        March 30, 2010



Members Present: Berlin, Ahmed, Seebach, Kirsch, Kastantin, Friesen, Socha, Johnson, Fisher, Wermedal

Consultants Present: Dittman, Herling, Burkhardt, Bakkum, Means, Walls

Members absent: Moore, Urbas   

Consultants not present: Jax, Keller       

Guests:  Pat Di Rocco, Rick Mikat, Peggy Denton, Sue Knudson, Betsy Morgan, Deb Hoskins, Sandy Krajewski, Mahrug Khan, Mike Abler        


1.    Approval of March 23, 2010 minutes.


M/S/P to approve minutes  


2.    Third  readings:   

A.   Exercise and Sport Science

ESS 206, title change, Human Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise Science II, description and prerequisite change, removed Lab, effective Fall 2010.


ESS 302, credits changed from 2 to 3, added Lab, effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P approve on 3rd reading with the understanding that ESS department will continue to offer a special section of ESS 206 that will have a lab for OT/PT/PSY students for the next 2 years.


3.    First readings:

A.   Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGS/SOC 105, new course, Introduction to LGBT Studies, 3 credits, effective Fall 2010.


WGS/SOC 337, new course, Globalization, Women and Work, 3 credits, effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading  


WGS 310, new course, Masculinity, Femininity and Violence, 3 credits, effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading. Course was also approved as an elective on the Criminal Justice Minor.



B.   Biology

Biology Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology Concentration, added BIO 468 and elective BIO 436, effective Fall 2010.


M/S/P to approve on 1st reading with change to effective date from Fall 2009 to Fall 2010.



4.    Consent agenda:    None


5.    Informational Items:  None


6.    Old Business:   None


  1. New Business:   None



Meeting adjourned: 4:20 p.m.