Minutes of the
Undergraduate Research Grant Committee
Meeting held on March 23, 2010
432 CWH

Present:                        Bonnie Bratina, Tony Docan-Morgan, Nicholas Downey, Nicole Johnson, Lalita Pandit Hogan, Tim Gongaware, Stephen Houk, Omar Rivera, Vijendra Agrawal 

   Guests:                        Emily Jacobson, Kathleen Enz Finken, Caitlin Lygy, Emily Wiltzius                       

   Excused:                      Kathryn Birkeland, Katelynn Williams, Aric Opdahl, Gretchen Berns

  1. Meeting was called to order by Acting Chair Nick Downey at 4:00 PM
    1. Approval of February 8, 2010 minutes                                                           M/S/P
  1. Introduction of Emily Jacobson (Provost’s Office) and brief informational address by the Provost
    1. Emily Jacobsen working in the undergraduate research area
    2. Undergraduate research moved to Provost’s office
    3. Wants to enhance, market, and see growth in undergraduate research
    4. Asked the committee to think about the purpose of the Journal of Undergraduate Research

                                                              i.      How can it be used as a marketing tool?

                                                            ii.      What value does this publication have to the students?

  1. Volunteers for judging at “Celebration”
    1. Need faculty judges from different colleges/schools
    2. Discussed appearance of flyer
  2. NCUR guidelines
    1. Discussed selection criteria for NCUR funding applications
    2. Discussed decision variables (i.e., one or multiple authors of one project receive funding, commit to same hotel, number and sex of students in the same room)
    3. Suggestion to submit an “intent to attend form” when submitting for NCUR.

                                                              i.      Place on website in early fall

  1. Journal of Undergraduate Research
    1. Two possibilities for student reports/submissions

                                                              i.      Submission of final report

                                                            ii.      Published quality manuscript (the Journal)

    1. Possibility of an online journal with some featured articles

                                                              i.      Individual departments to be responsible for featured articles (i.e., selecting, editing).

    1. Possibility of winners of poster awards to give their poster presentation to the chancellor recorded for podcast on website. Also winners of talk awards to be recorded for podcasting.
    2. Motion to end the journal in the current format.                                              M/S/P
    3. Discussion to draw up a step-by-step plan for the future outlet.
  1. New business
    1. Nomination for Nicholas Downey to be named Chair                                    M/S/P
    2. Thirty-nine students and faculty members meeting Monday to talk about logistics for NCUR.
    3. Grant proposals may be too large of a file size to be emailed.
  2. Adjournment at 5:17 PM


 Respectfully submitted by Recorder, Tony Docan-Morgan