Academic Program Review Committee
Wednesday, October 20

342 Cartwright Center


Present:  Knowles, Denton, Grunwald, Cocks, Dickmeyer, Tollefson, Brockmann

Excused:  Longhurst, Kopp, Dixon


Sandy Grunwald, Chair of the APR committee, called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.


The first order of business is to review Section F in the Appendices section of APR Self Study Format.

After discussion, we decided upon the following wording:


“Profile of course delivery mode within program (report on % of courses that are classroom, laboratory, online, studio, etc…).”


Second order of business:

In addition we decided to add the following to the assessment section of APR Self Study Format:


“If course contains greater than 50%  online delivery, discuss use and effectiveness of these courses. Compare any replacement of face to face contact hours with online activities.”

The third order of business:

If a department changes a course to online (more than 50%), the issue concerns whether or not this information is getting to where it needs to be quickly enough.  We ultimately decided that APR is not the avenue for this, as an APR report of the change to online (more than 50%) would not be timely enough.

We will ultimately suggest that this information needs to come from elsewhere:  not us, not the department.   Perhaps online director should come up with this information.  Peggy and Linda will discuss this at the next Faculty Senate.

Next Meeting, November 3rd.  We will begin reviewing current rough drafts of APR reports.  We will begin with Athletic Training.

 Meeting adjourned 1:00 P.M.


Submitted by Sam Cocks