Academic Program Review Committee
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

342 Cartwright Center

Present:  Grunwald, Longhurst, Cocks, Dixon, Knowles, Denton, Dickmeyer, Brockmann, Tollefson.

Excused:  Kopp


Sandy Grunwald, Chair of the APR committee, called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.


I.  Athletic Training Program Report.  Longhurst and Cocks summarized changes made in the report.  There were a few minor wording changes which were recommended by members of the committee.

The motion was to accept the AT report with stated changes.

The motion passed:  9 – 0 - 0

 II.  Biology Program Report.  Tollefson and Dickmeyer began a discussion about relevant issues in the Biology self study including quantity of majors.  We will discuss the first draft of the report on December 1st

Next meeting, December 1st, 12:05.

Meeting adjourned 1:00 P.M



Sam Cocks