Wednesday, September 15, 2010

342 Cartwright Center


Present:  Grunwald, Knowles, Dickmeyer, Dixon, Kopp, Tollefson, Cocks, Denton, Longhurst


Sandy Grunwald, Convener of the APR committee, called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.  All present introduced themselves.


The first order of business was to elect a Chair for the APR Committee.  Sandy said she was willing to serve.  With no other volunteers or nominations, the committee approved Sandy as Chair of the APR Committee.


The second order of business was to elect a committee secretary.  Sam Cocks volunteered.  The committee voted in favor of Cocks as the secretary.


Sandy reviewed the committee charges for this year (these charges are also listed on the Faculty Senate website under APR):


            1.  Accomplish the following Self-Study Reviews:  UG Sport Management, Athletic Training, Biology, and Sociology.


2.  Determine whether APR should forward to the Academic Planning Committee for further review, any programs that move to more than 50% of their content (courses) online, as recommended by the Academic Planning Committee. Please see the 2009-2010 APC end of year report for further discussion of this issue. Please plan to provide a report to Faculty Senate at the October 14, 2010 meeting.


3.  Create a template for APR reports on 5-year new program reviews based on the UW-System requirements for these reviews. Please plan to provide a report to Faculty Senate at the November 11, 2010 meeting.


      4.  Determine how to incorporate departmental progress on assessment into the review process (The DRAFT Proposal to Implement NCA Assessment Recommendations may give you a starting point).  Consider requiring the departmental self-study to use assessment results to document student achievement, identify need for improvement and describe efforts to address improvement. Please plan to provide a report to Faculty Senate at the January 27, 2011 meeting.

The APR process was addressed at length.  We are encouraged to read past reports in order to familiarize ourselves with the process.


The self-study reviews are available via d2l.   Our comments as drafts will also be available via d2l.


Self-Study Sub-Committees:  UG Sport Management (Kopp/Dixon), A. Training (Longhurst, Cocks), Biology (Dickmeyer, Tollefson), Sociology/Archaeology (Denton, Knowles).

We are to deliver our reports to the Senate this Fall. 


Discussed input of students in regards to issues which concern this committee.  Considered the possibility of student input without vote.


Discussed the possibility of three additional members due to heavy work load, and whether that work load is fair/justified.  Will discuss the latter idea more in the future.

Next Meeting:  September 29th, 12:05 P.M.


Meeting adjourned 1:00 P.M.