Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes for Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Members present: M. Cary, C. Tobin, H. Dai, A. Gedicks, B. Bennie, G. Cravins, D. Thoune, V. Her, K. Mally


Consultant: B. Cerbin


1)      Meeting called to order at 2:18pm by M. Cary, chair.

2)      M/S/P approval of minutes of 10/6/2010 committee meeting with the understanding that last names of the proposals will be added [Yes- 9, No- 0].

3)      Discussed how and where FDC obtains funds for grants and the allocation of the funds.

4)      Committee thoroughly discussed nine Professional Development grants, including the quality of proposals, from the following:

1.      Belby, C.- Geography & Earth Science

2.      Crank, V. - English

3.      McCannon, R.- Health Professions

4.      Morrison, H. – History

5.      Pai, G. –History

6.      Pinnell, R. – Music

7.      Quinn, K.- Music

8.      Williams Terpstra, J. – Art

9.      Yu, C.-Exercise and Sports Science

5)      Pai’s proposal was discussed among group members and discussion led to whether or not the Faculty Development Committee is the appropriate funding source for her proposal.  M/S/P from Committee to recommend Pai seek out funding with the International Development Fund [Yes-9, No-0]. 

6)      Cary reviewed voting procedures.

7)      Cary reviewed possible agenda for next meeting (October 20) if amount of funding has been established and communicated back to the committee.  If by October 19 noon there was not information on the amount of funding, next meeting will be October 27 at 2:15pm. 

8)      Meeting adjourned at 3:17pm.



Submitted by Casey Tobin

Minutes approved 10-27-2010