Meeting of the Faculty Senate
                   General Education Committee
                          325 Main Hall
                        29 November 2010

Meeting convened at 3:36pm, Galbraith presiding

Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith, Tom Gendreau, Jean Hindson, Tom Pribek, David Riley

Furlough day: Michele Pettit

Consultants & Guests: Chris Bakkum, Patrick Barlow, Kenny Hunt, Linda Levinson, Damien Parks, Jorge Aguilar Sanchez, Steven Senger, Binod Shrestha, Tim Walls


M/S/P, approve minutes of 11/15/10; voice vote unanimous


New Course Proposal, SPA 103, for students with appropriate background knowledge (but need more help with speaking), course-embedded assessment for all sections; presented by Jorge Aguilar-Sanchez;

M/S/P, waive 2nd reading & approve, voice vote, unanimous


Revised ART 172, provide intro to minor but appropriate to others for “appreciation”; presented by Binod Shrestha & Linda Levinson;

 M/S/P, waive 2nd reading & approve, voice vote, unanimous

New CT 100, should appeal to broad audience, fundamental to other  disciplines, alternative/replace (in few years) CS 101, could also be course to assign AP credit; presented by Steven Senger & Kenny Hunt;

M/S/P. waive 2nd reading & approve, voice vote, unanimous

Review of Assessment Data, Category V, “Intercultural”; presented by Patrick Barlow

- 2nd year shows “greater spread, more in high & low ranking”

- inferences from comparison to NESSE

    1. Academic & Intellectual Experiences: “close to UW System

      peers but trailing off” compared to Carnegie & NESSE 2008

    2. Enriching Educational Experiences “higher than UW peers”

    3. Educational & Personal Growth: freshmen rate themselves

      more positively than seniors for “understanding people of

      other backgrounds” – mean what? (Seniors rate themselves

      on par with other groups)

    4. “Developing personal code of values … [&] deepened sense

      of spirituality,” our classes are “rating themselves strong”

    5. “Study abroad” experiences are notably higher than System &

      other groups (though foreign lang. proficiency & study abroad

      are low compared to rest of the world)


Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm

Notes compiled by T. Pribek