MINUTES of the meeting of Thursday, September 30, 2010 (Draft)


PRESENT: Steve McDougal (convener), Anita Evans, Sandra Koster, John Jax, Nabamita Dutta, Jeremiah Wagner, Heather Mathison, Kirsten (Kris) Rosacker

UNABLE TO ATTEND: Dena Huisman, Kathy Willhite


CALLED TO ORDER at 4:17 PM in Room 120 of Murphy Library.


After introductions of those attending, Steve McDougal was elected chair.  Duties of Secretary will be shared among the members.


MINUTES of the meeting of May 7, 2010 were approved with the following correction: The spelling of “Michele Strange” was corrected.


This year’s charge letter was discussed.


A brief history of the tuition differential funds requests and eventual approval of the current 5-year plan was provided by Anita and John.  Each student pays about $120/year in differential tuition fees.  We will be spending money on E-Purchases and extended library hours.  The total budget is $158,000 per year.  The Academic Initiatives Oversight Committee (AIOC) of Student Senate oversees the way the money is spent.  


John presented this year’s planned expenditures for the E-Purchases part of the differential tuitions funds ($120,000).  There are several places in the Library web pages that highlight the contribution of student funds for this purpose.  We are “branding” these contributions so that students will know how their funds are being spent.  We can begin discussing 2nd year plans.


The library will be open an extra 11 hours/week using tuition differential funds.  The library does building counts and this is a major piece of data to report back to the students on whether their funds are well spent in this area.  Counts are expected to increase as we move into October.  Efforts to publicize the extended hours were discussed, including brighter lettering on the web pages, signs in the library, an announcement by Michele Strange at 11:45 that the library will not close at midnight but at 1 am, perhaps tapping into Chancellor Gow’s email list, signage in the coffee area, getting the word out to department liaisons and flyers during finals week.  The “Racquet” had a story on extra library hours 2 issues back.  There are several places on the web pages where the tuition differential funds are given credit for the hours.  We have hired a 20-hour/week LTE for a little over 9 months to carry the extra load.  Last year’s AIOC was opposed to hiring a full time employee to extend hours.      


The Academic Initiatives Oversight Committee will be meeting the week of Oct. 25th and will hear a presentation from the library on how the student money is being spent.  Some forms and reports must be submitted by Oct. 11.  An annual report is due in August.  Although the funding plan is for 5 years as approved by the regents, each year’s AIOC can make adjustments in the budget to be approved by the Student Senate.    


Our general plan is to meet once a month for an hour to an hour and a quarter.  The next meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 21st at 4:15 in 120 Murphy.  This will be in time to discuss the presentation to the AIOC.  The Secretary will be Kris Rosacker. 

We also plan to meet on Thursday, Nov. 18th at 4:15 in 120 Murphy and Thursday, Dec. 9th at 4:15 in 120 Murphy.  There are no meetings planned during J-term.


Adjourned at 5:17 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Koster, Acting Secretary