Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 14, 2010

Members Present: Seebach, Kirsch, Fisher, Socha, Baggett, Kastantin, Kincman, Rolfhus, Chen, Clark   

Excused Absent:  

Members absent:  

Consultants Present: Dittman, Keller, Bakkum, Knudson, Means   

Consultants not present: Jax, Herling; excused, Burkhardt          

Guests: Sandy Grunwald, Linda Dickmeyer, Justine Grant

I.   Introduction of committee members and consultants

II. Nominations for Chair-Brad Seebach and Janet Kirsch, elected Bradley Seebach as Chair by simple majority and Corinne Means as Recorder

III. Brad Seebach briefly went over Faculty Senate Charge letter.

IV. Registrar explained committee procedures to members along with UCC binder contents.

V.  Approval of April 27, 2010 minutes.

M/S/P to approve minutes  

VI.  First Reading:

A.    Chemistry

1.    CHM 325, Title change, effective Fall 2010.

 M/S/P to approve on 1st reading

B.   CST

1.    Broadcast and Digital Media Major, deleting CST 375; adding CST 374.  Effective Spring 2011.

Held for second reading. Committee needs clarification on major requirements.

2.    Broadcast and Digital Media Minor, deleting CST 271 as a required course; adding requirement to choose 2 courses from CST 271, 272, 274. Deleting CST 375 as option; adding CST 374.  Effective Spring 2011.

M/S/P to approve on 1st reading

3.    CST 374: description change; effective Spring 2011, offered Fall and Spring.

M/S/P to approve on 1st reading

4.    CST 471: dropping prerequisite (CST 275); effective Spring 2011; offered Spring.

Held for second reading, need clarification on prerequisites.

VII.         Consent agenda approved: TESOL Minor Language: requirement ENG 112 –proficiency in English demonstrated by a grade of  “B” or better in one of the following courses: ENG 110, 112, 303, 306.       

VIII.        Informational Items:  None

IX.          Old Business:   None

X.            New Business: None

Meeting adjourned:  4:20 p.m.