Third Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
(compiled with assistance of A. Hill's better memory)
November 20, 1998, 11am, 120 Murphy Library

Attending: Gray, Carlson (student), Perkins, Cox, Hoelzen (library), Koster, Ma, Evans (library), Stapleton, Gillis, Wegner, Pribek

Announcement: Search committe for library director has convened; primary text of ad distributed to committee.

1. Open Forums: no meeting yet
2. Library Instruction & Assessment: meeting next week
3. J/M Term Funding, Wegner: distribute preliminary draft of survey in which faculty indicated preferences for hours of library availability and whether instruction & reference services provided by professional librarian were needed; results show extended hours needed, including evening hours; cover letter will be drafted for submission with report, and survey of students enrolled during J term will be conducted.

Meeting adjourned about noon.

Notes compiled by T Pribek