Fifth Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
February 17, 1999 - 2:15 p.m. - 120 Murphy Library

Attending: Gray, Buffton, Hoelzen (library), Gillis, Perkins, Koster, Evans (library), Clow, Wegner, Cox, Carlson (student), Pribek

Notified absence/time conflict: Ma, Stapleton, Strigenz (student)

Minutes approved for Dec. 9, 1998, and Nov. 20, 1998, with some spelling corrections.

1. deadline for applications for library director extended two months
2. Endeavor/Voyager, on-line catalog, installed in summer: a subcomittee could "practice" using system & advise, perhaps by end March (Pribek, Hoelzen volunteer)
3. library self-tutorial is available on web page
4. no direct response from recipients of letter/report on J/M term funding for library; student worker compiling responses from class surveys, for next meeting

Discussion Items:
1. Form subcommittee to report/promote increased J/M term funding, immediately upon receiving committee roster for 1999-2000; begin work during summer.

2. Check with Joe Heim for advice to follow up letter to Gov. Thompson, supporting base budget increase for libraries; Evans & Pribek will draft new letter for local legislators.

Next Meeting:  March 8, 12:05 p.m.

Adjourned 3:08 p.m.