Seventh Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
March 31, 1999: 2:15 p.m., 120 Murphy Library

Attending: Gray, Buffton, Gillis, Evans (library), Clow, Cox, Carlson (student), Pribek, Stapleton

Notified absence/time conflict: Ma, Strigenz (student), Wegner

Minutes approved for March 8, 1999, by consensus.


  •  pending visit by John Gard & Mike Huebsch; responses f/other state legislators
  •  library book sale, April 21; donations welcome
Discussion & Action:
  • subcommittee for evaluating/recommending webpages for Endeavour/Voyager catalog: Pribek, Hoelzen, Buffton, Carlson; meeting t.b.a.
  • review of cover letter for final installment of J/M term library uses survey; adopted w/no changes
Topics for review/discussion at final meeting:
  • Stefan Smith, attend to review presentations to departments
  • free-wheeling, philosophical discussion about encouraging reading of books, as internet & data bases are becoming many students' first choice for library work
  • future (next term) re-consideration of department allocation formula, with near-term installment of new catalog that will generate more circulation data
Next & final meeting: April 30, Friday, 12:05 p.m.

Notes compiled by,
Tom Pribek