Sixth Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
March 8, 1999: 12:10 p.m. 120 Murphy

Attending: Gray, Carlson (student), Cox, Perkins, Evans (library), Stapleton, Koster, Wegner, Pribek, Buffton

Notified absent/time conflict: Gillis, Clow, Ma, Hoelzen (library)

Announcements & discussion:
 -campus visit by David J. Ward, System VP academic affairs:  library staff & committee representatives will assist for brief tour of library & following discussion
 -letter to state legislators
   1. follow up to letter for governor, requesting support for budget increase to System libraries
   2. committee endorsed text submitted by Evans & Pribek
   3. hope to schedule some tours of library with legislators

Continuing Discussion of J/M library funding
-results of surveys of students in J term, January 1999
   1. tabulated student estimates of library use/nonuse & particular resources required
   2. summary of individual responses to questions for desired hours & improvements to services offered
-observations by members of J/M Term Subcommittee & full committee discussion
   1. nearly every student survey contained comment on computers, including general access labs in Murphy
   2. possible follow-up contact with instructors expressing greatest need for library hours to schedule a "focus group" with subcommittee
   3. preliminary text of cover letter to accompany this report will be sent to subcommittee members this week, submitted to full committee at next meeting

-information from Budget Committee: request to make permanent the temporary allocation for J/M term staffing has been stamped "Fund, Source To Be Determined"

Murphy Library Recognition Award:  recipient for 1999 is LaCrosse Public Library, reception on March 25.

Consensus agreement to invite Stefan Smith to a meeting this term to report on department presentations.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 31, 2:15 p.m. 120 Murphy

Meeting adjourned, 1:00 p.m.

Notes compiled by T. Pribek