First Meeting of the Faculty Senate Library Committee
Sept 30, 1998, 1:10 pm, 120 Murphy Library
Attending: Buffton, Clow, Cox, Evans, Gillis, Ma, Perkins, Pribek, Stapleton, Strigenz.

Notified absent: Gray, Wegner.
Annual report from last year distributed & highlighted:

  •  Research Day presentation
  •  department visits by outreach librarian
  •  increased J & M term hours for library
  •  improvements to Faculty Web Page
Information, Items of Discussion, and Action
Committee Organization:
  • Pribek elected chair, by consensus: plan for series of hearings for academic colleges and student body to elicit comment on current use of library and future need/desire; definition of library with development of electronic storage/retrieval of data
  • Haro cannot attend; chair will consult Senate for replacement
  • subcommittees will be appointed at a later meeting
Additional funding for libraries in the UW System (1999-01 budget) approved by Regents & awaiting response f/governor; committee may attempt to endorse request during upcoming legislative process.
New card catalog for library users will be on line by Summer 1999, "Endeavor/Voyager": will offer more search options than present system.
Possible committee study
  • Library Instruction program
  • Reading in the Curriculum
Ad for Director of Murphy Library will appear in Chronicle of Higher Education; committee will discuss when available.
Next Meeting: Oct 23, Friday, 11am, 120 Murphy Library (Stefan Smith and Cris Prucha plan to attend)
Adjourn, 2pm
Notes compiled by T. Pribek