Library Committee Minutes

November 12, 1999

Murphy Library, room 120



Members present: Anne Galbraith, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Anita Evans, Gerry Cox,

Billy Clow, Tim Halbach, Tim Gerber, Rick Gillis, Randy Hoelzen, Richard

Snowberg, Drew Stapleton, Elsie Patterson, Patricia Ardovino


Guest: Stefan Smith


Members Excused: Sara Slayton, James Grey


The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m.


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved with corrections.


Director's Report: Library director Anita Evans reported on the request for a learning classroom which would allow improved library staff classroom instruction.

The request is for the large portion to come from campus support rather than entirely the library’s budge. A second request for funding is for a library technician to provide for maintenance of computers and other equipment. The library has gone from three computers to over fifty computers in just a few years. A person is needed to help develop web pages, provide links for the databases, to support the CD-ROMs area, to keep up with new software and new techniques as they become available.  Dave Bange, President of the Faculty Senate, asked what does DIN cover. An attachment was distributed to make the committee aware of the issues.


Stefan Smith brought samples of what might be included in the library committee's web page. The committee discussed with Stefan possible areas of development of the web page, its linkages with the library and Faculty Senate web pages, and what should or should not be included in the committee's web page. Possible items for inclusion included the annual report, gifts to the library by faculty and staff, committee minutes,

committee membership, committee activities, committee projects, and surveys

by the library. It was also suggested that a count be taken of how many

people use the site. The committee will continue to work with Stefan to

develop the site.


Karin and Jen are available to join the committee on Dec. 3 at 11:00 to

discuss the survey:  what content in what format faculty are using and

requiring their students to use, etc. Therefore, the next meeting will be

held on December 3, 1999, Room 120, Murphy Library.





A. Call to order

B. Approval of minutes of previous meeting

C. Director's report

D. Survey discussion

E. Old business

F. New business

G. Adjournment