Library Committee Minutes

February 11, 2000

Murphy Library, room 120



Members present: Abdulaziz Elfessi, Anita Evans, Gerry Cox, Tim Halbach, Rick Gillis, Randy Hoelzen, Richard Snowberg, Elsie Patterson, Patricia Ardovino


Members excused: Sara Slayton, James Grey, Anne Galbraith, Billy Clow, Tim Gerber, Drew Stapleton


The meeting was called to order at 11:04 a.m.


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


Director's Report: Library Director Anita Evans discussed the committee report given to the Faculty Senate by Committee Chair Gerry Cox and Library Director Anita Evans. Specifically, they presented a report that included a discussion of the thank you letter sent to the governor thanking him for his support of the library with the DIN.  The introduction of a system to improve the periodicals collection that was presented to the Library Committee by Jennifer Holman. A letter which will describe the possible procedures will be sent to various units of the university to discuss the periodicals collection.  The development of the Library Committee web page

with the efforts of Stefan Smith with some sample pages distributed to the Senate was also discussed. The improvements in interlibrary loan services using the DIN money to have delivery five days a week rather than three and its impact on users was also presented. The improvements in electronic data bases that are being made with the additional money from DIN were discussed.

The electronic data base improvements are being made at the system level and will allow more full-text data base sources as well. 


Because Senator Bob Wingate suggested that the Library Committee work with the library to have an open house, the Committee discussed having an open house. The Committee discussed the possibilities of this event, possible dates, what activities might be include, and how to work with the library staff to make the event a great one. The general discussion centered on making the faculty and staff aware of new services found in the library, what can be done to assist faculty and staff, the inclusion of ARC in the

event, and possible refreshments to entice people to attend.


Anita Evans also discussed her attendance at a thank you event held in Madison that was attended by many administration, faculty, and staff from UW-L. The event gave her the opportunity to thank those including the Governor and John Guard and many others for their support of the DIN. The systems librarians will be making a presentation to the regents and some legislators today to let them know about the new catalogue system and to have an electronic ribbon cutting. Something new made possible by modern



Old Business: The major item of old business was the discussion of the survey which will be administered before Spring Break if at all possible.  The Committee examined the survey document. Members are requested to make suggested changes to the Library Director, Committee Chair, or subcommittee members as soon as possible. The Committee will meet again on March 3, 2000

to approve the survey for distribution.


The opening of the new Health Sciences building will also include the joining of several institutions. A discussion of the changes for the library with the health-care consortium followed. Questions of licensing complicate the arrangement, but generally, it was agreed that the library would try to find ways to make materials available from all participants in the consortium and from the collections of each.


Next Meeting: March 3, 2000, Room 120, Murphy Library, 11:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted: Gerry Cox, committee chair