The Minutes of the Faculty Library Committee



Gerry Cox was unable to attend.  Therefore, student member, Tim Halbach, recorded these minutes.


Attending: Anita Evans, Tim Halbach, Rich Snowberg, Randall Hoelzen, Rick Gillis, Billy Clow, Elsie Patterson


Guest:  Stefan Smith


I. Approval of last meeting's minutes. 

  -Jenifer Holman only has one "n" in her first name

  -Joint Committee on Minority Affairs is the correct name of the committee mentioned in the minutes, not the Joint Multicultural Committee.


II. Director's Report - Anita Evans

  -Cris Prucha, Instruction Librarian, and Jenifer Holman, Chair of theLibrary Assessment and Instruction Committee are recommending that information literacy be included as a formal component in the General Education program by adding the phrase "information retrieval and evaluation" to General Education goals. 

  -Karin Sandvik worked with Gwen Achenreiner, CBA, to set up a focus group of students conducted by students in her class.  A summary of findings was distributed to the committee.  One finding was that students are more concerned with efficiency than with the quality of information.

  -A committee is also looking at the vendor cards that the library now uses and replacing them with the universal card system that everyone else on campus uses.  This will partly start hopefully next fall and then be fully implemented next January.           

  -The library is also looking at altering their May and J-Term hours of operation.  In the past it has been 1-8pm, Mon-Thurs and 1-5 pm Fri. There have been requests by students for the library to be open earlier so they are looking to open a couple hours earlier and closing a couple hours earlier for this coming May-Term.


III. Other Business

  -Stefan Smith came and talked about the diversity web page, which is a part of  Plan 2008.  He brought samples and is looking for ideas.  The purpose of this web page is to serve as a tool for the campus to use to learn about diversity.  He hopes to have this completed by the end of semester. The idea behind the Web page was to bring information on diversity into the classrooms. The committee discussed other

diversity coverage including  gender, veterans and gifted and talented.  Under Plan 2008, diversity is narrowly defined.  Stefan asked committee members to send him ideas for good web links.

  -Faculty Open House will be Tues, April 11, from 3-5pm in Rm 121 Murphy Library.  This is a part of National Library Week.  There is a booksale that is going on.  This is an informal get together.

  -Survey - The deadline was April 6.  There was a reminder sent out to return surveys.  There were about 474 sent out and 120 returned so far.  A subcommittee will be formed to decipher the information.  There is a question as to exactly how the information will be processed.  Possibly, the original subcommittee could look at this.


IV.  Adjournment - 11:53 am