May 8, 2007

To:  Carmen Wilson, Chair Faculty Senate             

From: Tim McAndrews, Chair
          International Education Committee

RE:      Year-End Report

The Committee met seven times this past academic year: 20 Sep, 11 Oct, 8 Nov, 13 Dec, 14 Feb, 21 Mar, 18 Apr.  In addition, two subcommittee meetings were conducted (9 Mar and 30 Mar) with members of the International Student Organization to discuss international student issues.

The Committee members, in alphabetical order, were: Rafique Ahmed, Becky Berry (Student Rep), Tom Hench, David Howard, Kent Koppelman, Victor Macias-Gonzales, Tim McAndrews (Chair), Leslee Poulton, Curt Reithel, Altaf Rizvi (Student Rep), Rob Tyser (replaced Michael Devine).  Erik Kraemer, Jay Lokken, and Sandy Sieber served as regular consultants to the committee.

The committee accomplished two primary goals: 1) revising the International Study Tour Guidelines; and 2) conducting an evaluation of international student needs.  Committee deliberations throughout the year focused on these two issues, and two extensive reports were submitted to Faculty Senate on October 23rd and April 18th, respectively.

In addition to accomplishing these goals, the committee also reviewed and approved the following proposals relating to international travel and study tours:

  1. Ruthann Benson and Joe Tiffany proposed two changes to the existing London Study Tour Program.
  2. Robin McCannon from Occupational Therapy informed the committee about a potential international experience for students enrolled in OT 720 International Perspectives in Occupation Theory.
  3. Bert Altman informed the committee about an international program he will be leading in India for Learning in Retirement.
  4. Donna Anderson’s and John Betton’s New Study Tour entitled Voyages with a Vision: Reality Tour to Tanzania was approved by the committee.
  5. Gary Gilmore’s Ongoing Study Tour to Great Britain was approved by the committee.