Step-by-Step Guidelines for Preparing “New” Study-Abroad Programs


Step #1


Attend one of the biannual briefings for faculty and staff interested in developing new study-abroad programs.

·        Typically planning should begin two years in advance


2 years in advance of intended program

Step #2

Begin the groundwork in developing your proposal

·        Review UWL’s “Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs”

·        Review UW-System “Code of Conduct for faculty, staff and students studying abroad”

·        Review UW-System Policy Paper 45 in order to develop program budget

·        Communicate with destination site for dates, logistics and prices

Meet with representatives in the Office of International Education (OIE)

·        Be briefed on budget issues and requirements

·        Review earlier study-abroad proposals (optional)


2 years in advance. . .

Step #3

Develop Study-Abroad Proposal and budget after consultation with OIE.

·        Submit proposal to home department for approval.



Step #4

Present the Study-Abroad Proposal to the International Education Committee (IEC) for approval by the appropriate due date for review:

·        Application

·        Narrative

·        Budget (with available trip and budgetary information)

·        Support letters from department/division and Dean/Director

·        If the proposal involves a new course offering, that course offering must first be reviewed by the appropriate university curriculum committee(s).

IEC reviews proposals at next regularly scheduled meeting

·        Program Leader will be notified by IEC of approval

·        Program Leader will send two (2) copies of approval letter, proposal, and budget to OIE in order to establish an account number.


Term to be Offered



J-Term 08

November 1, 2006

Spring 08

February 1, 2007

May/Summer 08

March 1, 2007

Fall 08

October 1, 2007

Step #5

Consider applying for a Faculty Development Grant for a pre-trip planning visit.  Guidelines and applications are available on-line.  If approved, this will allow the leader to:

·        Arrange site visits, accommodations, transportation, etc.

·        Gather budget information to finalize program fees


9 months-1 year in advance. . .

Step #6

Develop finalized trip proposal (with best trip and budgetary information available)


9 months-1 year in advance. . .

Step #7

Begin to recruit students for the trip (if this has not already begun)


6-9 months in advance. . .

Step #8

Update the IEC, as appropriate, on the evolving particulars of the trip itinerary and course curricula.


4-6 months in advance. . .

Step #9

In conjunction with OIE, conduct student orientation for the trip:

·        How to obtain passports

·        How the health insurance works, etc.

Programs more than 4 weeks in length will require students to attend the INS 250 1-credit pre-departure class.


3-5 months in advance. . .

Step #10

In conjunction with OIE, finalize all travel arrangements: transportation, accommodation, educational materials, etc.

·        All invoices must be submitted to OIE for processing


2 weeks to 2 months in advance. . .

Step #11

Conduct cross-cultural training and final student preparation, not otherwise completed in Step #9.


During final month before departure

Step #12

Conduct the Study-Abroad Program


Time Zero

Step #13

Meet with the OIE representatives upon return and submit both student grades and trip expense reports.

·        Review budget revenue and expenditures.

·        Carryover balances may be forwarded to future programs

·        Deficit budgets will need to be addressed

·        Faculty salary and honorariums will not be processed until grades are submitted and TER forms have been submitted and approved.


1-3 weeks after return

Step #14

Submit written trip report and trip assessment to OIE.


1-6 weeks after return

Step #15

Meet with IEC to make an oral, after-trip report to the committee.

Sometime during the semester after program completion.

Helpful Websites:

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