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    Congratulations Spring 2014 Graduates!!

    The Geography and Earth Science Department would like to congratulate all of its graduates and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!  Keep in touch!

    Recent Grants & Funding

    Ian MuehlenhausIan Muehlenhaus received an $80,500 grantfrom the National Science Foundation for his research project entitled Flow Maps for Movement Visualization: Digital Generation and Cognitive Evaluation. Congratulations!

    Recent Research Talks & Presentations

    Gargi Chaudhuri presented a poster at the NASA LCLUC Spring Science Team Meeting - Focus on Urban LCLUC on April 23, 2014 in Rockville, Maryland.  Her poster was titled Understanding the Effect of Political History on Urban Growth: Cellular Automata Modeling Approach.

    Gargi Chaudhuri gave a talk for the Earth Talk series (a required course for all Geoscience Majors) in the Department of Geosciences at Winona State University on April 14, 2014. Her talked was titled Effects of Policy on Urban Growth and Road Network Change.

    Ian Muehlenhaus gave a talk for the Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture series in the  Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin — Madison on March 7, 2014.  His talk was titled Maps as Rhetorical Weapons. 

    Recent Publications

    Finkelstein, Sarah A., Bunbury Joan, et al. (2014). “Evaluating diatom-derived Holocene pH reconstructions for Arctic lakes using an expanded 171-lake training set.” Journal of Quaternary Science 29(3): 249-260. Available as a PDF.

    O'Reilly, Benjamin C., Finkelstein, Sarah A.,  and Joan Bunbury. (2014). “Pollen-Derived Paleovegetation Reconstruction and Long-Term Carbon Accumulation at a Fen Site in the Attawapiskat River Watershed, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada.” Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 49(1): 6 - 18. Available as a PDF.

    Chaudhuri, Gargi, Oxley, Steven and Scott Wenzlaff. (2014). “Chapter 10. Mapping Spatiotemporal Patterns of Liquor Law Violation Citations During Oktoberfest in College Town of La Crosse, WI,” in Forensic GIS: The Role of Geospatial Technologies for Investigating Crime and Providing Evidence, (G.A. Elmes et al., Eds.). Dordrecht: Spring Science+Business Media.

    Chaudhuri, Gargi and Keith C. Clarke. (2013). “Temporal Accuracy in Urban Growth Forecasting: A Study Using the SLEUTH Model.” Transactions in GIS 18(2): 302-320. Available as a PDF.

    Muehlenhaus, Ian. (2014). “Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps.” Cartographica 49(1): 18 - 34. Available online.

    Muehlenhaus, Ian. (2014). “Web Cartography: Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices.” CRC Press. Available through Amazon.

    Recent Conferences

    American Association of Geographers Conference - April 2014:  Several faculty member including Rafique Ahmed, Gargi Chaudhuri, and Ian Muehlenhaus, as well as two students, Wendy Roider and Steve Oxley, attended the American Association of Geographers Conference in Tampa, Florida in mid-April.

    Other Important News

    Map Competition - December 2013

    The Geography and Earth Science Department hosted its first GIS Poster Competition on Friday, December 6th in the Cartwright Center.  Over 20 students from Dr. Gargi Chaudhuri's GIS courses participated in the competition.  Winners from the entry level competition (enrolled in Geography 385: Introduction to GIS) were Taylor Boardman and Ryan Sands. Winners from the advanced level competition (enrolled in Geography 485: Advanced GIS) were Rachel Wozniak and Spencer Kawell.  Honorable mention awards went to Kerrie Hauser (advanced level) and Michael Keller (entry level).  Each of the four winners will receive a $100 check!  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  For more photos, please visit the Google+ page

    GIS Poster Competition, 2013

    2013 Ryan M. Poehling Memorial Scholarship Recipient

    The UW-L Geography and Earth Science Department is pleased to announce the 2012 Ryan Michael Poehling Scholarship has been awarded to Steve Oxley.  The Geography and Earth Science Department would like to congratulate Steve on this outstanding achievement!

    Steve Oxley - Poehling Scholarship

    Fall Graduates - December 2013

    The Geography and Earth Science Department would like to congratulate our 2013 Fall Graduates: Megan Bain, Edward Bielefeldt, Alec Craig, Daniel DeWitt, Matthew Ernst, Anders Gehrt, Kerrie Hauser, Patrick Moriearty, and Nathan Stephenson. Congratulations on this tremendous achievement and best wishes to each of you in your future endeavors. Be sure to stay in touch!!

    Fall Dean's List - December 2013

    The Geography and Earth Science Department congratulates our majors and minors on attaining the Fall 2013 Dean's List!

    Isle Royal - June 2013

    Several of our students participated in a weeklong research trip to Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.  Students camped out on Passage Island to measure lead contamination in the island's soil and rock pools with the goal of protecting the island's employees, tourists, and wildlife from contamination.  Students also surveyed the island, using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology to create extremely high resolution digital elevation models of the area. This survey will be used for further study and reference by both UW - La Crosse and the employees of Isle Royale.