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Geography and Earth Science
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  • Research and Publications

    Geography and Earth Science faculty and students are constantly working on remarkable and innovative research. Below you can find some of the latest developments, from conference presentations to book publications!

    Current Research Projects

    • La Crosse River Marsh Lead contamination study
    • Isle Royale National Park Lead contamination project
    • Mississippi River biological community
    • Working with USGS with automated feature extraction software recognition developing land covers, experimenting with software, goal, getting it to process wetland vegetation and delineate different landcovers as well as research mississipi pools
    • Students working on interactive web campus maps

    Faculty Publications

    Sarah A. Finkelstein, Joan Bunbury, et al. (2014). “Evaluating diatom-derived Holocene pH reconstructions for Arctic lakes using an expanded 171-lake training set,” Journal of Quaternary Science 29(3): 249-260. Available as a PDF.

    Benjamin C. O'Reilly , Sarah A. Finkelstein and Joan Bunbury. (2014). “Pollen-Derived Paleovegetation Reconstruction and Long-Term Carbon Accumulation at a Fen Site in the Attawapiskat River Watershed, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada,” Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 49(1): 6-18. Available online.

    Gargi Chaudhuri and Keith C. Clarke. (2014). "Temporal Accuracy in Urban Growth Forecasting: A Study Using the SLEUTH Model," Transactions in GIS 18(2): 302-320.

    Gargi Chaudhuri, Steve Oxley, and Scott Wenzlaff. (2014). "Chapter 10, Mapping Spatiotemporal Patterns of Liquor Law Violation Citations During Oktoberfest in College Town of La Crosse, Wisconsin," in Forensic GIS: The Role of Geospatial Technologies for Investigating Crime and Providing Evidence, 2nd Edition (Elmes, G.A. et al., Eds.). Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media.

    Muehlenhaus, Ian. (2014). “Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps,” Cartographica 49(1):18-34. Available online.

    Muehlenhaus, Ian. (2013). “The Design and Composition of Persuasive Maps,” Cartography and Geographic Information Sciences (CaGIS), November, 40(5): 401-414. Pre-proof available here.