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May 11 Graduation is upon us once again. The Geography and Earth Science Department would like to congratulate our 2013 Spring Graduates: Sara Erickson, Melissa Goldade, John Krell, John Lannoye, Cody Mertens, Derrick Sailer, and Mary Windsor. Congratulations on this tremendous achievement and best wishes to each of you in your future endeavors. Be sure to stay in touch!!
May 2 News Flash!! Check out the UW-L News article; Supporting the Academic Journey featuring the Poehling Scholarship and the Geography Department!!
April 24 A large contingent of students and faculty from the Department of Geography and Earth Science presented at the Association of American Geographers Annual meeting in Los Angeles, California.

Undergraduate students Cody Mertens, Mary Windsor, and Rebecca Roider presented two full talks and a poster. Faculty members Rafique Ahmed, Joan Bunbury, Gargi Chaudhuri, Ian Muehlenhaus, Ryan Perroy, and Rachel Slocum gave talks and presented posters on a wide variety of geographic topics including spatial patterns of heavy metal contamination, persuasive geocommunication, and land use and land cover change in India.

Pictured (l-r): Wendy Roider, Mary Windsor, and Cody Mertens.

Congratualtions to all who presented at the event!!

Presentation titles and conference abstracts are given below.

Presentation Title Author(s)
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Lead Contamination in an Urban Wetland Cody Mertens
Dr. Ryan Perroy
Dr. Colin Belby
Sara Erickson
See What We Mean? Measuring the Effectiveness of Different Map Rhetorical Styles for Persuasive Geocommunication Mary Windsor
Dr. Ian Muehlenhaus
Lead Contamination in Passage Island Soils & Rock Pools. Isle Royale National Park Rebecca Roider
Steve Oxley
Dr. Colin Belby
Dr. Ryan Perroy
Analyzing Land Use and Land Cover Change Patterns in the Ganges Delta Region of India Dr. Gargi Chaudhuri
The Politics of 'Plenitude': Artisanal Production, Communal Provisioning and Anti-Capitalist Critique in the Aude, France Dr. Rachel Slocum
Global Warming and Climate Change: A Scientific Inquiry and Reality Check Dr. Rafique Ahmed
Effects of a Volcanic Eruption on Aquatic Ecosystems, Southwest Yukon, Canada Dr. Joan Bunbury

April 13 UW-La Crosse was honored to once again host the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. This year, more than 3,000 presentations were showcased. Congratulations go out to all participants who spent many long days and nights putting their projects together. Among our own Geography presenters:

Project Title      Authors
Lead Contamination In Passage Island Soils & Rock Pools, Isle Royale National Park Rebecca Roider
Steve Oxley
Dr. Colin Belby
Dr. Ryan Perroy
Effects Of Limited Soil Areas On The Growth Of Gleditsia Triacanthos Brannick Beatse
Dr. Ryan Perroy
See What We Mean? Measuring The Effectiveness Of Different Map Rhetorical Styles For Persuasive Geocommunication Mary Windsor
Dr. Ian Muehlenhaus
PH Analysis Of Lead Contaminated Sediment And Water In The La Crosse River Marsh Melissa Goldade
Cody Mertens
Dr. Colin Belby
Dr. Ryan Perroy
How Food Secure Is La Crosse? Derrick Sailer
Hannah Moseson
James Bennett
Brechtje Bennett
Dr. Rachel Slocum
April 11 Special Fall course offering; GEO/ESC 495: Seminar in Geography - Land Change Science and Geocomputation. Explore urbanization, wetlands, deforestation, and more. Contact Gargi Chauduri for more details. More...
March 29 Exciting times ahead for the Geography & Earth Science Department. Five new building projects have been approved for the UW-La Crosse campus by the State Building Commission, including a new Science building tentatively set to begin construction in 2015. More...
March 3 On Saturday, March 2, Dr. Ryan Perroy and students, Janelle Nelson and Peggy Obear represented the UW-L Geography & Earth Science Department at the brand new Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge Center on Brice Prairie for the Annual Aldo Leopold Day celebration. More than 100 people attended the event.

Our river table was a big hit with the kids. The table simulates stream and river flow activity, showing students how water interacts and sculpts the landscape with everything from a trickle to a flash flooding event capable of being re-created.
Jan. 9 Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Slocum who along with fellow editor, Dr. Arun Saldanha of Lancaster University in the U.K., have completed work on their book; Geographies of Race and Food. The book is set for a September 2013 publication.
Sept. 19 Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Perroy on his recent publication Holocene and Anthropocene Landscape Change: Arroyo Formation on Santa Cruz Island, California in a recent issue of the very distinguished, Annals of the Association of American Geographers.