Dr. Joan Bunbury

The UW-L Geography and Earth Science Department is pleased to announce the appointment of  Dr. Joan Bunbury to our faculty beginning with the 2012 Fall Semester.

Joan received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department of Geography at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Her B.A. and M.Sc. research in the southwest Yukon, Canada focused on lake environments, preparing her for her doctoral work investigating how aquatic ecosystems have been influenced by climate and other forms of environmental variability during the past. As a University of Toronto, Centre for Global Change Science post-doctoral fellow, she studied past hydrological and climatological conditions in Ontario's Hudson Bay Lowlands.

Joan's research is multidisciplinary, connecting the fields of climatology, biogeography, and ecology, and aims to better understand how freshwater environments have responded to natural events and anthropogenic activities on different timescales. Physical, chemical, and biological techniques are applied to lake and peat sequences, and are combined with numerical approaches to quantify the past. Joan will continue to develop paleoenvironmental records from northern Canada, and looks forward to working with students and faculty at UW-L to explore effects of climate change on freshwater environments in the Upper Midwest.

In her time away from campus, Joan enjoys creating mosaics, running, camping, hiking, skiing, and spending as much time as possible on, in or near freshwater.

On behalf of all UW-L Geography Department Faculty, staff and students, we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Bunbury on her appointment and welcome her to our Department.