Student Spotlight

Geography offers a wide array of opportunities for exploration and study. Wondering just what type of topics you can explore and research in our courses? Here on our Student Spotlight page, take a look at some of the projects our students have recently completed. Check back often as a new project is added each month throughout the school year.

Note: Most projects have been created using either Adobe, MS Word, or MS Powerpoint. If needed, software viewers can be found at the following locations:    Adobe Reader (pdf)    MS Word Viewer (doc)    MS Powerpoint Viewer (ppt)

Course - Geography 485:Advanced GIS
Project Title -
The Wordly Taste of Chocolate
Author(s) - Abigail Robers & Quinn Lewis

- This unique project explores the supply chain of Nestle Products and tracks distances of the ingredients as well as the distribution of two popular Nestle products, Crunch and Raisinets.

Project Link(s):        Chocolate (pdf)

Course - Geography 250: Fundamentals of Cartography
Project Title -
Author(s) - Josh Thomas

- Creating visually appealing maps.

Project Link(s):        Bobcats (pdf)