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  • Graduate faculty

    Graduate Faculty,

    The Office of Graduate Studies thanks you for your dedication to our graduate students.  To help you mentor students effectively, this page contains three subjects that should be of interest.  They are:

    Graduate Faculty Status Requirements and Application Process

    Committees Specific to Graduate Studies

    Graduate Student Awards that Require Submission by a Faculty Member


    Graduate Faculty Status
    All faculty and staff who teach graduate courses and/or serve on graduate student research committees must obtain graduate faculty status.  To find out more regarding eligibility requirements, please visit the Graduate Faculty Status website. 
    Faculty or staff members seeking graduate faculty status need to complete an application, which is submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and reviewed by the Graduate Council.  A complete application includes:

    • Completed cover sheet
    • Current resume or vita
    • Supporting information (e.g., letter from applicant and/or department chair elaborating on qualifications)


    Committees Specific to Graduate Studies
    There are two Faculty Senate committees that deal exclusively with graduate studies issues.  They are Graduate Council and Graduate Curriculum Committee.  Graduate Council meets every other week on Fridays at 10am.  Graduate Curriculum meets alternate Tuesdays at 3:30pm.  Interested faculty are encouraged to submit their names for membership.


    Graduate Student Awards that Require Submission by a Faculty Member
    There are two graduate student awards that require faculty nominations.  Annually program directors and other graduate faculty advisers should consider top students in their departments for these awards.  One is the ROSANDICH GRADUATE THESIS AWARD, and the other is the  UWL GRADUATE STUDENT ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.  Please visit the Rosandich Graduate Thesis Award website or the Graduate Student Achievement Awards website for more details regarding the awards.