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Top ten reasons why you should attend the UW-L School Psychology Program

  1. UW-L graduate students are placed in area schools early in the program.
  2. The UW-L program promotes cooperation and collaboration among graduate students.
  3. UW-L has a strong reputation for producing well trained school psychologists.
  4. The UW-L program is fully accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists.
  5. Most UW-L students complete their required internship during their first year of employment.
  6. UW-L graduates have found school psychology to be a satisfying and fulfilling career.
  7. The UW-L school psychology program has an applied emphasis.
  8. The UW-L school psychology faculty are licensed as school psychologists.
  9. Graduate students are provided one-on-one and small group supervision.
  10. UW-L graduates meet requirements for licensure in most states.

Who Should Consider School Psychology as a Profession?

Link to National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

Why Choose a Wisconsin School Psychology Program?

Link to Wisconsin School Psychologists Association (WSPA)

Other reasons why you should choose the UW-L School Psychology Program




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