15th Annual








Chancellor Joe Gow spoke at the event,

recognizing the hard work and dedication of the UW-La Crosse classified staff.







Cindy Taylor, member of the Classified Excellence committee,

welcomed everyone to the Annual Classified Excellence Breakfast





Cheryl Brye, a member of the classified excellence committee, and Barbara Stewart, Director of Campus Climate and Diversity, also spoke at the event





This year's recipients are:

5 Year Recipients


Front Row: Thomas Fell (Physical Plant), Dean Hall (Eagle Rec Center), Miles Cassidy (IT), Amy McDonald (University Police)

Back Row:  Katie Herman (IT), Jon Voshart (Residence Life), Mark Beckerjeck (Academic Advising)

Not pictured: Jeri Baller (Protective Services), James Hurlbert (Landscape Maintenence), Kenneth Miller (Student Centers), Rhonda Olafson (Residence Life), Jill Pintz (Budget and Finance), Matt Rink (IT) 




10 Year Recipients


Front Row:  Kathy McInerny (Athletics), Tina Connelly (Art), Brenda Landrum (Health Professions), Karen Kindschy (Student Health Center), Rita Gabel (Custodial Services)

Back Row:  Brenda Clark (Financial Aid), John Sandry (Landscape Services), Christine Reed (Music), Bob Kulig (Custodial Services), Dan Kruger (Building Maintenence)

Not pictured:  William Arens (Custodial Services), Stephen Harris (Physics)

15 Year Recipients

Not Pictured: Vincent Cacciapaglio (Custodial Services)



20 Year Recipients


Front Row:  Barbara Chandler (Student Support Service), Paula Krenzke (Student Health Center), Sibbie Weathers (Faculty Senate), Jo Ann Kuester (Human Resources)

Back Row:  Tim Kiesling (Building Maintenance), Milo Velimirovic (IT)

Not pictured: Jeffery Berger (Custodial Services), Tabitha Ostrem (Custodial Services)



25 Year Recipients


Front Row:  Laurie Magnusson (School of Education), Maureen Wilson (Career Advising), Vickie Baer (Administration and Finance)

Back Row:  Dave Hafner (Custodial Services)

Not pictured:  Jon Borgen (Student Centers), Thomas McCabe (Custodial Services), David Thingvold (Custodial Services)




30 Year Recipients

Mark Flottmeier (Human Resources)



35 Year Recipients


Judith Albert (Chancellor's Office), Teresa Znidarsich (Psychology), Linda Shepard (Budget & Finance)


Some other photos from the breakfast. 









Many thanks to ALL classified staff members!

Special thanks to Kathy Ring and Sue Lee for taking pictures!